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Breast Lift

After breast lift surgery my nipples are always erect. Can this be fixed?

Published on April 13, 2011

I had a breast lift surgery several months ago.  I am quite happy with the results except for one thing, my nipples are always erect.  It is a little embarrassing and I was wondering what can be done to fix this.  Is it true that Botox injections can improve hard nipples? 


Botox injections may be able to improve hard nipples, that is true.  Whether or not in your particular case this situation will resolve, I cannot tell you but it is quite possible that it will.  The muscles that are responsible for nipple erection are being contracted and Botox will prevent that from happening.  However, it may happen on its own and continued treatments with Botox may make a permanent solution to your problem; however, that is no guarantee. 

Posted by:  Dr. Siporin
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